Home buyers

If your in the market to buy a home let us inspect the sewer before you buy. Sewer replacement can be as much as $20 000, and often involves diging up the street. We can put a high teck sewer camera down the drain to make sure the pipes are in good working order before you buy and provide a estimate for repair or replacement before you purchase a home. Cost to inspect the avevage sewer. $200.


Know defective water piping often in homes in our area. Be aware of the following types of plumbing pipes. 


CPVC (light yellow or cream colored) cpvc gets very briddle and cracks with out warning. offten it is the worst on the hot water pipes. as it ages it turns a almost orange, yellow color. 

cpvc is usually in homes built between 1990's to about 2006


POLY BUTALINE ( GREY SOME TIMES BLACK in color) poly butaline cracks and causes leaks often flooding homes. 

poly butaline is typically found in manufactured homes built in the 60's, 70's and 80's